President Frank Chong gave the following President's report at the Aug. 8, 2017 Board meeting:

  • He thanked Senator Mike McGuire for his advocacy in helping SRJC acquire the additional $34M in matching funds for the new science building. He thanked the Board members who advocated as well.
  • He said that with the large amount of construction, the college's goal is to avoid class disruption and to maintain a safe campus. 
  • Parking will be somewhat affected by the construction, so Doug Roberts and Paul Bielen have been looking into parking offsite in order to provide enough spaces for students. They have been working with the City of Santa Rosa to hopefully offer free parking at the Seventh Street garage, with shuttle service to campus. 
  • He met with Mayor Corsi and Councilmember Rogers about the recently approved free education for Santa Rosa City staff. SRJC will be trying to find ways to facilitate those individuals taking classes at the college. 
  • On Aug. 21 he will be holding the first every meeting of the President's Consultation Council, an advisory group consisting of all the leaders of the various constituent groups. 
  • He discussed the recent budget challenges, saying that the priority has been to preserve regular staff members' positions and to keep cuts away from classrooms while cutting administrative costs. 
  • Finally, he recognized Ezbon Jen for his 20 years of service with  Phi Theta Kappa, presenting him a 20-year pin.