President's Monthly Board Report - Jun 2015

Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services Doug Roberts gave the following report on behalf of President Frank Chong to the Board of Trustees at their June 9, 2015 meeting:

  • Dr. Chong is in Vancouver for his honeymoon, but will be back June 22.
  • SRJC is on its summer schedule of four ten-hour days per week.
  • Hiring is progressing for both the Director, Capital Projects and the Chief, Police positions.
  • Graduation went very well, especially the address by Commencement Speaker Senator Mike McGuire. He thanked everyone who helped make it a great event.
  • The President's Address was a great success. President's Medallions were awarded to Laurie Beard and Rotary 5130.
  • Petaluma Campus held its 4th Annual Building Community Breakfast, featuring speaker Bill White, Basin Street Properties.