2024-2025 Priorites

SRJC is in the midst of a cultural shift to reimagine excellence and belonging so all members of our community can actively participate in an inclusive community.  

With the support of the Board of Trustees, SRJC is focused on four priorities for 2024-2025:

  1. Student Success: Enrollment Recovery & Growth
  2. Fiscal Sustainability
  3. Institutional Effectiveness
  4. IDEAA: Institutional and Workplace Culture Initiatives

In order to create an inclusive community, we must understand who our students are, what our community’s workforce needs are, and how we prepare students for the educational and post-collegiate journey. It will take our collective energy to envision and implement the necessary actions so we can realize our values for the District and community.



  • Student Success: Enrollment Recovery & Growth

    We are dedicated to empowering students from all backgrounds to reach their educational goals, fulfilling the promise that higher education transforms lives and opens the doors to upward economic mobility.

    The Strategic Enrollment Management Plan is a working, living document designed with regular opportunities for systematic review and updating. The Strategic Enrollment Management Plan is a five-year plan spanning Spring 2023 through Fall 2027 that includes strategies in support of the District’s mission and Strategic Plan. 

  • Fiscal Sustainability

    In response to ongoing financial concerns and declining enrollment, and after significant analyses and input, SRJC created and began the implementation of a Long Range Plan to Fiscal Stability to align its size with the number of students it currently serves.

    The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) recently removed SRJC from its Special Fiscal Monitoring Status after determining SRJC met the appropriate accreditation standards.

  • Institutional Effectiveness

    Institutional Effectiveness plays a crucial role in ensuring SRJC’s quality and continuous improvement. SRJC is focused on two initiatives currently:

    1. Strategic Plan:
      Phase 1 of SRJC’s 2023-2028 student centered and forward-thinking strategic plan builds off the legacy of excellence of the college, while envisioning a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable future. This plan supports the momentum of the college with a data-driven blueprint that aims to inspire students, uplift communities, and serve our region. Guided by SRJC’s newly revised mission, vision, and value statements, coupled with the goals and objectives, this plan will ensure that our students receive high-quality, life-changing educational opportunities to empower themselves and mobilize our communities. 

      Phase 2 of the Strategic Plan builds upon the strategies, goals, and objectives to identify actionable directions for the District to implement to realize our vision, mission, and values. Phase 2 will call for a Coordinating Committee with workgroups for each goal to develop the directions and success indicators.
    2. Accreditation  - Accreditation is crucial for SRJC as it ensures we meet high standards of quality and accountability, which fosters trust and credibility with students, employers, and the community. Successful accreditation enables students to transfer credits to other accredited institutions and access federal financial aid, expanding their educational and financial opportunities. Through the accreditation review cycle, SRJC drives continuous improvement, helping the District maintain and enhance its programs and services.
  • IDEAA: Institutional and Workplace Culture Initiatives

    IDEAA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti Racism, and Accessibility) is a fundamental value that underpins everything we do as an institution of higher education. SRJC is committed to creating a safe, healthy, and supportive learning and working environment for students and employees. To that end, we have embarked on a District-wide effort to build community and excellence by creating a culture of belonging for all students and employees.

    There are a number of IDEAA initiatives underway:

    1. Establishment of the IDEAA Taskforce 
      A District wide IDEAA Taskforce was created in Spring 2024 in response to College Council’s recommendation to create this body. This body will be reviewing recommendations and responses from the Campus Climate Assessment as well. 
    2. Fostering Open Dialogue and Community Engagement 
      SRJC will host over 20 sessions beginning this summer and continuing through October each site, or on Zoom, to provide opportunities for our students and employees to share their experiences, concerns, and recommendations. Feedback from these sessions will be provided to the IDEAA Taskforce as they develop recommendations to cultivate a community of belonging, safe spaces, and collaboration at SRJC. 
    3. Operational Assessment & Changes 
      Beginning with SRJC Voices (employee listening sessions in 2023-2024), we have identified changes to undertake immediately to address some of the systemic changes we need.  
    • Board Policy and Administrative Procedure Review and Revisions – We will identify and prioritize which board policies are creating barriers and revise the policies and corresponding administrative procedures, including hiring practices, through the appropriate participatory governance process within College Council.  
    • Clear Reporting Mechanisms – We will provide transparent and accessible reporting mechanisms for incidents of discrimination and conduct a process improvement analysis for resolving employee concerns and grievances.
    • Vice President of Human Resources Update – We have launched the search for our next Vice President of Human Resources.
    • Training Programs – We are creating trainings on employment discrimination as well as launching additional mandatory training on supervisory practices, IDEAA, and anti-discrimination for managers. 
    • Process and Function Evaluation of Human Resources - We are improving efficiencies, addressing service needs, and understanding the human resources staffing necessary to serve the District, including revising and implementing annual evaluations for managers and comprehensive evaluations every three years. 
    • Revisions to the SRJC shared governance structure - We are working with College Council to review the decision making process at SRJC and create a clearer process. 


    This is by no means a comprehensive list of the work the District is undertaking in support of IDEAA. We believe that one of the best ways to learn and grow is to engage with our diverse community. That’s why we offer a number of opportunities to participate in educational events, discussions, and intercultural experiences.

    For students, SRJC offers a wide variety of clubs and support programs for students with diverse interest and needs. 

    For employees, it is our goal that our employees reflect the diverse communities we serve and we support dedicated efforts to reach that goal.

    SRJC also grounds every meeting and event with a land acknowledgement, which calls on us to commit to continuing to learn how to be better stewards of the land we inhabit. Land Acknowledgement Statement