President's Monthly Board Report - October 2015

President Chong gave the following report to the Board of Trustees at their October 13, 2015 meeting:

  • Dr. Chong, Dean, Facilities Planning and Operations Tony Ichsan and Director, Capital Projects Leigh Sata attended Community College Facility Coalition (CCFC) Conference in Sacramento. There will be a State Educational Facilities Bond for $9 billion on the November ballot.  $2 billion will be for California Community Colleges, should it pass. Dr. Chong says this State Education bond is very important for the District as many of the projects we pursue in the coming years could qualify for state matching funds. 
  • He met with Judith James, the Comcast Director of Government Affairs for the North Bay Area of California and an SRJC alumni. Judith James said that Comcast is expanding and looking to hire staff and SRJC may look into developing curriculum to support such career opportunities.
  • He did a Rotary speaking tour to the rotaries of Santa Rosa East, Petaluma Valley and Petaluma Sunrise.  Dr. Chong thanked the Rotaries for the support of Student Leadership Center noting that many Rotarians have graduated from SRJC.
  • Dr. Chong attended the Los Cien event with Trustees Lindley, Kunde, Battenfeld and Fishman.
  • He attended the Pepperwood Preserve 10th Anniversary celebration with Trustees Edgar and Lindley and Robin Fautley.
  • Dr. Chong Visited Windsor High School and spoke at a class. He said he was impressed by the campus.
  • Shone Farm Festival was this month.  Dr. Chong thanked Ganesan Srinivasan, Chris Wills and everyone who organized it.  He noted there were approximately 2,500 attendees.  
  • Bear Cub Athletic Trust Golf Tournament was well represented, attended by Trustees Kunde and Call, according to Dr. Chong.  He thanked Matt Markovich and Brian Marvin. He said $25,000 was raised to benefit athletics.
  • Indigenous Peoples' Day was celebrated on the SRJC campus for the first time, with 7 Pomo tribes in attendance.  Dr. Chong said it was very uplifting.  
  • He spoke at Take Back the Night, a great event to promote safety on campus. He thanked Patie Wegman and Robert Ethington for supporting this event.
  • He announced the Town Hall meeting, Monday, October 19, 3:00-5:00 p.m. in Bertolini, SAC, to address the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR.  Dr. Chong stated that the college community needs to join together.  Dr. Chong said he will release classified staff who would like to attend and the event will be live streamed.
  • He gave an update on Measure H, reporting that Leigh Sata is out ill and will present an update at the next Board meeting. Leigh is continuing to work with Tony Ichsan, Doug Roberts and Jane Saldana-Talley.