President's Monthly Board Report- May 2016

President Chong gave the following report to the Board of Trustees at their May 10, 2016 meeting:

  • He met with Sean McGlynn, the City Manager for Santa Rosa, and his team. They discussed:
    •  A coordinated response to Homelessness/Affordable Housing. Working with VP Navarrette and RE to get resources to students who are at risk or are homeless. Also working on public/private partnerships on housing for students.
    • A possible pedestrian bridge.
    • Training opportunities for City Workers and retirees.
  • He attended the 89th Firefighter Graduation on May 6 at the Public Safety Training Center.
  • He welcomed Sabrina Rawson, the new Student Trustee, and gave thanks to Student Trustee Rossi, who came on at a difficult time. 
  • He thanked Eloisa from the Press Democrat for the profile she did on him for the Sunday paper.
  • Finally, he read a response to a Press Democrat article concerning a lawsuit settlement.