Statement of Support - APAHE, Hui Pulama Mau, APASS

Statement of Support for our Black Community and a Commitment to do More

May 31, 2020

Dear Colleagues, 

The SRJC chapter of Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE), Hui Pulama Mau, and APASS stand in unity, solidarity, and love with our Black brothers and sisters. 

We see the public lynchings.  We see the plantation politics.  We see the attempts to divide our communities.  We see that the system of White supremacy ensnares all of us and would have us believe that we lack agency to affect transformation.  

We see and we will do better to ally, to weave intent into action, to disrupt with critical love and critical hope, to listen, and to do the internal and external work of unlearning racism against the Black community.   

In the days to come, we hope that we can more intentionally partner with all in our community to work together as anti-racist scholars and educators.

In unity, 

SRJC APAHE, Hui Pulama Mau, and APASS