Statement of Solidarity - Office of Student Life, Equity & Engagement

May 31, 2020

Dear College Community,

The Office of Student Life, Equity & Engagement (SLEE) unequivocally stands in solidarity with our Black/African American community and all communities of color and their perpetual struggles with systemic racism. A system that leads to discrimination, hatred, and horrific violence that can be witnessed daily. We call for an end to the violence. We demand justice be given to all who live in this country. We ask for the college community to come together in unity to grieve for our losses and model the best way forward for all of humanity. This will mean standing up, speaking out, and courageously and compassionately discussing our own personal and institutional challenges.

In both of SRJC’s Intercultural Centers, we engage in critical discussions on race and inequality every day. Our trainings and events are not only aimed at reducing pervasive equity gaps and supporting students of color, but also in helping individuals examine their own biases and role in structural racism.

The Santa Rosa campus Intercultural Center has built a robust Equity library and will work on a way to make these resources available to all employees. There are also many excellent, virtual resources on our website, under the Social Justice Resources tab. We will be updating this over the summer so please send any recommendations to so we can continue to build a database for our community.

Finally, we are aware of the disparity of impact the pandemic is having on positive tests and deaths in our communities of color. We are actively reaching out to our students to provide support and resources and this will continue into the summer and fall semesters.

Thank you for being a community that shows up, speaks up, and stands up to injustice. We hope to see you soon to continue the discussion in our newly established Santa Rosa campus Intercultural Center and the Our House Intercultural Center on the Petaluma Campus.

“An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – MLK, Jr.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin

Sent on behalf of the entire SLEE team:
Genevieve Bertone
Hilleary Zarate
Malena Hernandez Legorreta
Zack Miranda
Regina Mahiri
Zonia Diaz
Nick Hill
Sandy Sigala
Edna Lefort
DeAnna Rogers
Melissa Cowan
David Liebman
Jeane Erlenborn

And our SRJC Petaluma Collaborators:
Deborah Ziccone
Toni Bacigalupa
Amanda Morrison


ROBERT ETHINGTON | Sr. Dean of Students

Bertolini Student Center | Santa Rosa, CA | 95401