Statement of Solidarity - Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance

June 2, 2020

On behalf of Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance:

The Kinesiology, Athletics, Adapted PE and Dance departments of Santa Rosa Junior College acknowledge the widespread and long-time injustices our Black/African American community faces.  We also acknowledge the major health disparities affecting Black/African American communities, including chronic illness, COVID-19 and overall access to healthcare.  It is long overdue that we ALL come together to use our voices and take action for what is right.

As students and staff, we acknowledge our responsibility to take an active stance against systemic racism and injustice.  From this point, we vow to be even more vocal and active in our efforts to support our Black/African American community.  This is not a time to be silent or complacent.  We support anti-racism, speaking up, and taking action. We will begin and continue to push for a better environment not only within our cluster, but beyond into the greater community.  We will not be bystanders.  We will use our voices and actions to foster communities of inclusion and equity within our own programs, at SRJC, our community and our nation.  We believe in educating ourselves, so we can contribute to real progress and change to result in inclusion, opportunity and justice for all.  

We vow to stand with our Black/African American student-athletes, students, staff and community members and work toward anti-racism, equity, inclusion and fairness.  We commit to: listening and educating ourselves, pushing for positive change with open minds and open hearts, working through the discomfort toward growth, avoiding judgment and accusations, and focusing on empathy and understanding.  

We are all one Bear Cub Family.

Monica Ohkubo