Statement of Solidarity - Embracing a Culture of Inclusion Program

June 4, 2020

Dear SRJC community,

At a time when so many are so done with what is so broken, change must occur in order to support our Black/African American colleagues, friends and family as well as all members of our community.  Individuals will decide how to participate, becoming agents united for positive change, and the more we can work together to insist on change, the greater potential for impact in the change that we promote. 

Since Fall 2016, a group of SRJC staff, faculty, and administrators have come together with support provided by SRJC Human Resources to participate in developing our Embracing a Culture of Inclusion (ECI) program. This program offers community-building experiences to promote understanding and equality and create space for sharing our truths. ECI invites all members of our SRJC family to join us in a quest to offer support and to be allies and change agents. Please contact Sussanah Sydney or Sarah Hopkins if you are interested in being added to our distribution list for future events and conversations.

Our hope is that in addressing generational injustice, and by listening to each other, and taking timely and critical actions, this crisis can lead to a better future.


Embracing a Culture of Inclusion Program

Why Inclusion Matters at SRJC

SRJC Human Resources

Pedro Avila

Juanita Banuelos

Joan Barrie

Laurel Begley

Kristina Bennett

Genevieve Bertone

Marc Bojanowski

Erin Bricker

Brandon Browning

Carmen Castillo

Sheryl Cavales Doolan

Amy Chetcuti

Heather Chierici

Frank Chong

Martha Cole

Christie Colon

Taylor Colvey

Chad DeLaca

Stephanie Dirks

Jazmin Estrada

Amy Ethington

Dan Exelby

Brenda Flyswithhawks

Ann Foster

Karen Furukawa-Schlereth

Maria Garcia Cruz

Luz Garcia

Wendy Garcia

Oscar Guajardo

Shawn Gutshall

Alice Hampton


Malena Hernandez Legorreta

Robert Holcomb

Sarah Hopkins

Lily Hunnemeder-Bergfelt

Jay Huntington

Anne Marie Insull

Stephanie Jarrett

Tara Johnson

Kate Jolley

Kim Kinahan

John Kincheloe

Lori Kuwabara

Amy LaCasse

Laura Larque

Lauralyn Larsen

Nick Lawrence

David Liebman

Gina Lord

Vanessa Luna Shannon

Ann Mansfield

Matthew Martin

Kathleen Matthies

Jill Mead

Kathleen Mendoza Montano

Rachel Minor

Sumita Mukherjee

Matthew Murray

La Reva Myles

DeEboni Noureddine

Colleen Olmstead

Jennifer O'Mahony


Shannon O'Reilly

Araceli Osorio

Jodi Pasquini

Nancy Persons

Catherine Prince

Leila Rand

Jeffrey Rhoades

Javier Rodriguez Aguilera

DeAnna Rogers

Jane Saldana-Talley

Heidi Saleh

Karime Sanchez

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Hal Sanford

George Sellu

Dooley Seona

Lauren Servais

Sandra Shand

Elizabeth Simas

Kevin Snyder

Zehra Sonkaynar

Karen Stanley

Kimberly Starke

Sussanah Sydney

Susan Thompson

Guy Tillotson

Rafael Vasquez

Michelle Vidaurri

Mary Wyman

Patricia Young

Hilleary Zarate