Statement of Solidarity - Distance Education Team

June 3, 2020

Dear SRJC colleagues,

The Distance Education Team wants you to know that we stand with you as you voice your support for our students, staff and community members of color.  As people, we stand with you on the side of equity, inclusion and justice. We acknowledge and affirm the Black Lives Matter movement.

As members of the SRJC community, we pledge to be more mindful of the ways in which our work impacts people of all races, nationalities, gender identifications, immigration statuses, ages, and abilities. Not only will we strive to do better in our interactions with the SRJC college community that we work with, but we will work harder to offer resources that are specifically related to equity in the online classroom.  

We appreciate the way our college community is rising up to meet the need for self-reflection, humility, empathy, and justice.

We are with you.

Your Distance Education Team


Lisa Beach
Andrea Chase
Emily Hansen
Corrine Haverinen
Michele Larkey
Inga Lynn
Lauren Nahas
Liko Puha
Melinda Sterne
Susan Thompson
Kathy Thornley