Statement of Solidarity - Disability Resources Department

June 3, 2020

In response to the recent events, including police brutality, the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and all hate crimes inflicted upon Black and African Americans, the Disability Resources Department collectively commits to use our voices and actions to support each other. We stand in solidarity with our Black and African American brothers, sisters and families in the greater community, and our Black and African American family at SRJC. We make a commitment to actively combat racism on our campus and in our community.

We want to echo the gratitude expressed to Dr. Valdez, and all of our faculty, staff, and administrators for starting and continuing the important and vital conversation about racism, as we move forward, together.  We recognize that these conversations may be difficult. They may be uncomfortable. They are vital and important to our growth, and to the implementation of real change. The Disability Resources Department commits to being a positive force of change.  We commit to speak up when we witness social injustice, to support our colleagues and neighbors and community members in the fight for equity, to recognize and acknowledge that racism is pervasive in our country, in our state, and at our institution. We commit to recognize our own conscious and unconscious biases which may at times disrupt and slow the progress of change, and, we commit to holding ourselves and each other accountable during these times.

To our students of color who experience disability, and face additional forms of discrimination and social injustice: We hear you. We see you. We stand by you, stand up for you. We support you.

The Disability Resources Department asks for our colleagues at SRJC to come together to model ways for our community to evolve and to move forward. We stand with all communities of color. We stand with those who are systematically oppressed and victimized by the senseless violence and discrimination that continues to be perpetuated in our country and commit that we will actively work as change agents.


Sent out on behalf of the Disability Resources Department

Santa Rosa Junior College