Statement of Solidarity - Art Department

June 4, 2020

Art Department Statement of Solidarity

The SRJC art department is committed to the Black Lives Matter movement. We are committed to supporting and representing the voices of black and brown students, artists, and members of our community.

We are committed to featuring the achievements of black and brown artists in our studio art and art history curriculum. We are committed to showing the work of black and brown artists in our art gallery highlighting their art historical achievements. We are committed to questioning the histories and processes that have excluded black and brown artists for too long.

The act of making artwork and the process of discussing art are inherently political acts. It is our role as educators to protect all artists as they find their voice. And then help them sharpen that that voice.

Sent out on behalf of the Art Department Faculty and Staff:

Hiroshi Fuchigami
Chair , Art Department
Instructor of Ceramics
Santa Rosa Jr. College