Statement of Solidarity - Office of Institutional Research

June 8, 2020

Dear Colleagues, 

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) does not often take positions on public issues or policies.  It is our job to remain neutral, to report the facts, data, and analysis. However, data and facts have the power to frame conversations and policies, and remaining neutral is often seen as a tacit endorsement of the status quo.  It is our duty to stand in solidarity, condemning the systemic racism that exists within both our nation and our local communities.

As an information-driven department, we lead with data, and today that data is showing what most of us already know.  Racism is real, on the local, national, and global arenas, and is often invisible to those in society with power. While much of our work in OIR has aimed to elevate marginalized voices and experiences at SRJC, it is clear today that we all must do more to demonstrate our commitment to equity and racial justice.

College students are more than just a number on a screen and their experiences are affecting their success, in both supportive and damaging ways.  Today, we are recommitting to our work advocating for the unheard and unseen students on our campuses, to share their truths and elevate their voices. We are making a stand to be a part of the solution to support systemic change. We pledge to work as allies in this mission and aim to create a stronger, more inclusive, and specifically anti-racist institution. 



The Office of Institutional Research 

Amil Gehrke
Blair Lamb
Greg Drukala
Karen Maddux
Megan Rhodes