Statement of Solidarity - International Student Program

June 4, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

The International Student Program team humbly offer ourselves to the collective solidarity of our college community, and all those who support our Black and African American colleagues, friends, family members, and those in our local and global community. We pledge to listen, learn, and work to disrupt the status quo and help to build a new, conciliatory community where respect, love, and the lifting up of Black and African American people is foundational in all that we do.

Our work with international students is, of course, at our core. Bringing students from other nations to our campuses influences our college culture and provides us all with global perspectives. This international lens provides another form of clarity in which we see, hear, and acknowledge the pain and suffering that has been taking place since before our country began. We are with you.

Sent on behalf of the International Student Program
Santa Rosa Junior College

All the best,

Michelle Poggi, Director
Student Outreach | Dream Center | International Student Program