President Frank Chong gave the following President's report at their April 11, 2017 meeting:

  • He attended the MiCasa opening and was inspired by the work of Juan Arias and his staff. He thanked the Trustees for coming and said it is a wonderful resource for all students.
  • SRJC just completed its first Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Partnership Resource Team (PRT) visit led by Luis Gonzalez from Ventura College. The visit focused on enrollment management and fiscal stability. The team will return with ideas on improving these areas in a few weeks. 
  • The topic of PLAs has elicited much emotion on both sides. He said that it's a complicated matter which is being grappled with internally. He said that he wants to ensure that the right recommendation is made on behalf of the District, which is why it's important not to be hurried in making this decision. He thanked everyone for their input and patience. 
  • The college has been meeting with Santa Rosa and Sonoma County officials and prospecitive developers to discuss for proposals for increasing housing options for students. He said that he realizes that part of the decline in enrollment is due to the lack of affordable housing and he hopes for collaborative coordinated effort to find solutions. 
  • State Chancellor Eloy Oakley has committed to being this year's Commencement speaker. 
  • He will be attending the College Tee Project event on Friday, April 14 with Trustee Martinez at  trustee martinez at Sheppard Elementary School, and will be bringing SRJC shirts for them. 
  • He encouraged attendees to attend the Judy Sakaki Investiture on Thursday, April 20 at SSU. 
  • On May 2, he will be participating on a panel on Asian American Trailblazers in Education in honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Judy Sakaki and Diann Kitamura will also be participating. 
  • Day Under the Oaks will be held on Sunday, May 2. 
  • He plans to go see the SRJC Theater production In the Heights in April and encouraged attendees to go while it's showing, April 21-May 6.