President Chong gave the following President's report at their Feb. 14, 2017 meeting:

  • He attended the naming of the third floor Doyle Library rotunda in recognition of Exchange Bank's $100,000 donation for the SRJC Centennial anniversary.
  • He welcomed 300 high school students from the Bay area for the My Future in Healthcare event, sponsored by Latino/-a Service Providers.
  • He spoke at the post-election Town Hall meeting, which was very well attended and which provided a great deal of valuable feedback.
  • He spoke at the first Leadership Academy session, which includes 24 participants who will attend workshops over ten months. This includes eight from Classified staff, eight from Faculty and eight from Management.
  • He attended the third Annual Wine Classic. He thanked all those who organized it and the more than 300 attendees.
  • PDA Day is Thursday, Feb. 16. He invited the Board member to attend the Tauzer lecture, given by Tammy¬†Sakanashi, entitled "Nutrition: The Science of Living Well."
  • He finished by introducing Vice President, Student Services Pedro Avila.