President's Monthly Board Report - July 2015

President Chong gave the following report to the Board of Trustees at their July 14, 2015 meeting:

  • He introduced Leigh Sata, the new Director, Capital Projects
  • SRJC received the TRIO grant from the US Department of Education, which will provide over $1 million in funds. He thanked Mary Kay and Cathy Prince for their work on this grant.
  • SRJC is 3.65% under its enrollment goal for full-time students. This is an improvement, although staff here is still working to increase enrollment before the semester starts.
  • PDA Day will occur on Aug 14, with Darla Cooper as the keynote speaker.
  • He introduced Susan Brouwer, the new AAIII, Director, Capital Projects.
  • The Chief of Police recruitment seems to be nearly at an end. One candidate will be coming forward for final interview a and public forum, Lorenzo Duenas.