The Position

The Sonoma County Junior College District (SCJCD) Board of Trustees invites potential candidates to apply for the position of Superintendent/President of Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC).

To be considered for the first screening, submit application materials no later than February 3, 2023.

  • The Position

    The Superintendent/President reports directly to the Board of Trustees, which is composed of seven elected members and a student representative. The Board seeks a proven, enthusiastic leader who has a commitment to student success, instructional excellence and student support services, and who values our rich institutional traditions while offering an innovative and strategic vision of SRJC’s future. The primary responsibility of the Superintendent/President is to ensure educational excellence for the students of SRJC and maintain the College’s reputation as a premier resource of higher education for the residents of Sonoma County. The President serves as the Superintendent, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees. Consistent with educational excellence, the Superintendent/President shall provide sound and innovative financial management for the College. The successful candidate is expected to lead the development and implementation of a strategic vision working in a participatory governance environment, and building on the commitment of all constituent groups. The President must have a thorough understanding of the leadership role for a large, multisite, comprehensive community college in an economically diverse region and be insightful to the dynamics of the communities served by the College.

    To review the full job description, visit Superintendent/President Job Description

  • Priority Issues of Importance

    The following reflect current priorities and important initiatives at Santa Rosa Junior College. The ideal candidate will have the desire and ability to demonstrate success in these areas and be able to fulfill these needs:

    • Advancing issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Antiracism, Accessibility (DEIAA), and social justice; remedying identified systemic racism and bias at SRJC; reducing the achievement gaps among underrepresented student groups; implementing strategies to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of the SRJC workforce and retention of those employees; maintaining accountability for achieving DEIAA initiatives.
    • Leading the College in completing the Strategic Plan 2022-2027 and being able to implement goals while building upon the College’s successes and achievements.
    • Working towards increased enrollment and financial stability in preparation for full implementation of the state Student Centered Funding Formula; supporting the work of the Enrollment Management Workgroup to develop effective, ongoing enrollment strategies; ensuring continued success in implementing the Long-Range Plan to Fiscal Stability.
    • Improving student progress toward their educational goal completion through the full implementation of Guided Pathways;
    • Assisting students in receiving adequate basic needs support for food, shelter, technology, and transportation to improve their persistence and completion of educational goals, and successful access to employment in the workforce; effectively oversee the opening and operations of SRJC’s student housing project.
    • Working alongside the SRJC Foundation to strengthen activities and partnerships with educational, civic and business entities, external foundations and federal and state agencies that help bring new revenue sources to the district; enhance the district’s image and reach; support the Foundation’s annual $9 million fundraising efforts.
    • Developing an organizational structure and size that reflects the changing enrollment and fiscal realities of the district while retaining outstanding employees in key programmatic areas and hiring high quality, diverse employees necessary to meet the College’s mission.
    • Ensuring the effective completion of Measure H implementation across all district campuses and sites in a manner that supports student success; continuing centralization of services and equitable distribution of support across all campuses and sites; developing a long-term plan to support and enhance the recently purchased Southwest Center in Roseland. 
    • Ensuring a successful Accreditation follow up report and visit that provides an accurate and honest look at the College.
    • Supporting SRJC’s commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability and reflecting these priorities in all decision-making and policy implementation. 
    • Actively engaging with SRJC’s participatory governance structure and ensuring that the College’s participatory governance operates effectively, efficiently, and allows and encourages equal participation from all constituent groups.
  • Ideal Professional Characteristics

    SRJC seeks a leader who shares the College’s vision of cultivating an accessible, open, barrier-free, sustainable environment for students, employees, and the community in the following areas in particular:

    • Success in supporting and facilitating the integration of District planning processes with financial resources.
    • Strong financial background and responsible fiscal stewardship in times of economic uncertainty; the ability to be visionary while maintaining the highest level of services and academic programs.
    • A strong command of the community college funding process. Collaborative Leadership
    • Demonstrated experience of effectively leading and working within a participatory governance structure and collaborating in an inclusive manner with all constituencies, including students, unions and an elected board of trustees. 
    • Experience leading during times of change, crises and challenges in a manner that reflects the institutional mission and advances student success goals; collaboratively developing creative, innovative and impactful solutions while demonstrating an appreciation and respect for the history and culture of the College.
    • Advocacy skills and an understanding of California community colleges, the statewide educational system, and the political dynamics and realities that affect the higher education sector.

    • Proven record of recent involvement in diverse community organizations that benefits and cultivates collaborative work with the College.
    • Experience advocating and engaging in activities and partnerships that advance the College’s mission and support student success by developing and maintaining relationships with local educational, civic, and business interests.
    • Commitment to embracing the unique nature and culture of SRJC, its values and the strong ties to the communities and students it serves.
    • Commitment to  advancing the efficacy of the SRJC Foundation and pursuing community support and philanthropic contributions to support students and the College’s mission.

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Antiracism, & Accessibility
    • A strong personal commitment to DEIAA and to incorporating DEIAA principles and perspectives into all institutional decisions, policies and conversations. 
    • Established cultural competencies, an openness to learning and a passion for fostering an inclusive, welcoming, healthy, and supportive campus environment for all employees, students and the Sonoma County community. 
    • Ability to look beyond the surface to identify inequities within current systems and processes and develop strategies to address them in a manner that builds greater equity among all populations. 


    Student Success
    • Demonstrated knowledge of key educational issues affecting academic, occupational, developmental, and continuing education programs combined with a background of successful visionary leadership in the encouragement, development, implementation, and support of educational programs.
    • Proven experience in fostering innovative and inclusive curricular development, instructional practices, learning environments and student support services of the highest quality for students of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
    • Demonstrated recent evidence of a commitment to students and Student Services functions, including the promotion of student life, matriculation goals, and the ability to promote and maintain a positive working environment between Student Services and instructional areas.

  • Qualifications
    Minimum Qualifications
    • A master’s degree from an accredited institution.
    • 5 years senior level administrative leadership experience related to this position.
    • A demonstrated sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.
    Desirable Qualifications
    • An earned doctorate degree from an accredited educational institution.
    • Successful record of recent senior-level administrative experience at an institution of higher education with multiple sites.
    • 5 or more years of instructional, student services, and/or business services background and a demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, and student success.



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