Demonstrates ability to weigh alternatives, consider variables, analyze information, and make a definitive judgment free from contradiction and vagueness.
Demonstrates ability to see alternatives, analyze options, consider a problem from a variety of viewpoints and formulate different solutions to a situation.
Demonstrates ability to promote and implement new ideas; presents creative solutions to problems and initiates implementation; encourages risk taking; communicates a range of innovation by empowering employees to work independently to achieve goals; is resourceful.
Demonstrates ability to fulfill the mission of the college in the course of completing assignments; reflects a District-wide perspective in decision making; recognizes and maintains policies and procedures that support the college mission.
Demonstrates ability to develop, monitor and maximize financial resources; possesses a comprehensive understanding of budget development; insures fiscal compliance; tracks expenditures; educates staff regarding budget and expenditures; develops budget priorities; controls costs effectively; keeps accurate records; ties budget to short- and long-range planning objectives; considers the needs of the institution in budgeting process.
Demonstrates ability to consider the views, cultural differences and experiences of others when dealing with any situation; facilitates a framework of understanding and respect; incorporates cultural and ethnic diversity issues and regulations into training and all operational areas as applicable; assures compliance.
Demonstrates ability to work with others to instill confidence; demonstrates integrity; follows the code of ethics; follows through on commitments; is consistent in relationships with faculty and staff.
Demonstrates ability to work together with others to achieve goals; cooperates willingly; works in non-adversarial mode with diverse groups of people and ideas; facilitates participation in decision-making processes; plans and manages in the context of shared governance.
Demonstrates ability to convey thoughts and information clearly, both verbally and in writing; uses active listening skills to insure complete understanding.
Demonstrates ability to guide and motivate others toward goal achievement; develops effective teams; provides vision; facilitates development; balances authority and service; is accountable for actions and decisions; guides and directs the development of department/program; inspires others through unity of purpose; respects others' responsibilities and commitments.