President's Monthly Board Report - Feb 2015

President Chong gave the following report to the Board of Trustees at their February 10, 2015 meeting:


He introduced Chris Chang Weeks, the new member of the SRJC Foundation staff. Chris will be working to support the Trust, the Bear Athletic Trust, and the Ag Trust from Petaluma. He welcomed her and asked that the rest of the SRJC community do so as well.

He also discussed the many tenure reviews that he, Vice President of Academic Affairs Mary Kay Rudolph and faculty have processed. He said that the quality of the individuals who are coming forward and that have been hired in the last four years has just been incredible. He said that it has been encouraging to know that the next generation of great faculty leaders is coming forward.


He commended our faculty for the quality of their lectures. He attended the lecture “Art and Science: Views of Pepperwood Preserve,” presented by Shawn Brumbaugh and Marsha Connell, whose artwork was displayed in the Mahoney Library lobby. He said it was an amazing event and showed what our faculty do in terms of getting out to the community and making a difference at Pepperwood.

He also attended Robert Ruben’s talk on Manta Rays at the Santa Rosa Rotary, which he attended as a guest of Steve and Elaine Olsen. Robert discussed swimming with the Manta Rays in the Gulf of Mexico.

He also attended a lecture presented by SRJC Art instructor, Mark Anthony Wilson, who spoke about Frank Lloyd Wright and his West Coast designs and the buildings he has designed along the West Coast. He said that it shows how faculty is not only sharing their knowledge and wisdom our own students but with the public as well.

Special Events:

Sunday, February 8, was the first annual SRJC Wine Classic and he expressed his appreciation for the Board members who attended. Trustee Call flew back from Hawaii to enjoy some wine. Trustee Kunde was pouring wonderful Kunde Winery wine and Trustee Lindley, who is a big Ag supporter, attended along with Bill Ray. Trustee Fishman attended as well. 

He said the Wine Classic was a phenomenal event which really showcased the best of the SRJC. Mark Freedman played Jazz along with a new faculty member Jerome Fleg. The culinary students, led by Jim Cason and Betsy Fisher, served food nonstop from 2-5pm.  Of course Kevin Sea and Chris Wills from the SRJC wine program attended too. It was nothing short but an amazing event.

Brad Davis from the Business department had given his students a class project to put on a wine event.  Dr. Chong said that he thinks they deserve an A.